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German Bundesliga is another subject of our work and as one of the top European football leagues, the Bundesliga has been seriously reviewed by our professional tipsters and betting analysts, so you can read all related stuff in our special Bundesliga section. Indeed, being in top 3 of the UEFA national rankings is something which helps of Bundesliga to grow even more and to attract even more fans to German football, but however, there’s still some work to do. Anyway, fact that only few years ago Serie A had four teams in the Champions League, until being replaced by the Bundesliga from the third position, speaks about serious improvement and nowadays four German clubs can claim for Champions League football, instead of three like it was some years ago, and of course, they can be even more – 5, if a German side manage to lift the UEFA Europa League trophy.

Bundesliga: Brief History and Facts

Founded back in 1963, German Bundesliga celebrated 50th anniversary only few years ago and since its modern establishment, the top flight of German football was home of more than 50 different clubs which have participated there, but only 12 of them were lucky to win the silver trophy. For sure most successful club in German football is FC Bayern Munchen as the Bavarian colossus is not only the biggest name in the German top-flight, but also one of the most recognized, financially strong and well-functioning football clubs worldwide, being a role model for many other teams.

In the last decade teams like Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg and VfB Stuttgart managed to win the league but only Dortmund retained it for two consecutive years – in 2011 and 2012, under Jurgen Klopp’s management.

Fact that we had a German final at “Wembley” back in 2013 (Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund) shows the huge progress made by German Bundesliga and that German soccer is one of the most tempting destinations for all players, sponsors and of course – fans. To be more specific, German Bundesliga is the football league with highest average attendance and it’s not a secret that most of stadiums in Germany are always fully crowded, while the Bundesliga TV broadcast works very good as well and it attracts even bigger audience. Borussia Dortmund is the club with highest average attendance among all football clubs and all these arguments about the high quality of football in Germany, full stadiums and good TV deals comes with fact the competition is with second lowest ticket prices out of all top 5 football championships in Europe.

2023-2024 Bundesliga Fixtures and Schedule

Good prices, great facilities and excellent organization – few of the reasons why everyone loves the Bundesliga nowadays, we assume, but the solid history behind the competition in German football at all, is surely a huge plus for the confidence that all football fans have while watch, bet or follow the tournaments under DFB’s jurisdiction – Bundesliga and its relevant lower divisions (+2. Bundesliga, 3 Liga and all Regional leagues), DFB-Pokal (German Cup) and the newest trophy from all – the DFL-Supercup, renewed in 2010.

Fact that Germany can boast with very wealthy (of glory) and experienced club and national football comes as a plus and most of you are well aware that Germany is currently the reigning FIFA World Cup champion, as the trophy from Brazil 2014 was Germany’s fourth and this makes “Die Mannschaft” one of the most successful football nations.

Continental success is also in their veins, whether we speak about club or national football – UEFA European Championship, UEFA Champions League and the Europa League (UEFA Cup) are all prestigious tournaments with German winners.

Excellent youth facilities and perspectives of youth football in Germany are another major reason why plenty of talents are picking Germany and the Bundesliga teams for their professional careers, so that’s another charming fact which returns us in the romantic football days.

Bundesliga Betting Tips and Predictions

All these arguments are making the Bundesliga one of the best football leagues and this automatically seduces various and tremendous interests by the sports bettors. Some of them are well informed about situation in each club, with structures, rules, team squads, etc, (mostly locals), but some of them are not so well informed and this requires proper preparation if you’re interested in winning bets and possible financial profits while betting at one of the top football leagues, as the top football tier in Germany.

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