Euro 2016 Betting Tips, Squads and Team Previews, Fixtures and Schedule

Simply famous as Euro 2016, or commonly known in its full range like The 2016 UEFA European Championship, is a football competition that will take place from the period between 10th of June to 10th of July in France. Undoubtedly the most awaited soccer event in 2016 and one from the most awaited sports event at all. Not only from the fact that it’s once per four years, but the UEFA Euro 2016 will open completely new chapter in the European football history.

Euro 2016 – First UEFA European Championship with 24 teams

UEFA Euro 2016 will welcome 24 (twenty-four) teams and this will be the first time when we have such a number in the European Championship finals, as the last expansion was made for the 1996 European Championship in England, when UEFA decided to double the number of teams from 8 to 16. Twenty years later France will host the first competition with 24 teams and this was pretty conflicting point, but however, these changes in the format are already done and the football community not only in Europe, but worldwide, holds its breath and trembles in anticipation. So virtually the new UEFA Euro format grows not only the number of teams in, but it changes the tournament structure in most aspects.

For the first time of the UEFA European Championship history we have a final tournament with six groups as each one includes four teams. They were already determined during the UEFA Euro 2016 finals draw back in December, when all teams were dropped in four different pots – six teams in most of them, as only the first (top) pot was with 5 teams in, since France was automatically attached to Group A. Thus old structure won’t work and this requires another major change coming with the Euro 2016 finals – 16 (sixteen!) teams will qualify for the second (knockout) phase which means that we’ll have Round of 16 (1/8 finals) in France. Another important modification influenced by the new Championship rules and format.

UEFA Euro 2016 – Groups and Schedule

In our UEFA Euro 2016 section you can find all related information to the biggest football tournament in 2016 and we from are more than happy to organize that special section for our customers. You can find the full fixtures and schedule list in the content of our UEFA Euro 2016 section, but in short we would like to introduce you all six groups (from A to F):

Group A: France, Switzerland, Romania, Albania.
Group B: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia.
Group C: Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland.
Group D: Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey.
Group E: Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Republic of Ireland.
Group F: Portugal, Austria, Iceland, Hungary.

UEFA Euro 2016 – Host cities and stadiums

All 24 teams who will compete for the most prestigious trophy in European football are requiring special attention and the massive interest that falls upon the 2016 UEFA European Championship finals provides all financial resources coming out from the football federations, sponsors and UEFA by themselves. These organizations will have the task to create incredible atmosphere and hopefully some remarkable games, but all these expectations must be padded by the acquired improvements and infrastructure. So we can proudly say that Euro 2016 comes with 10 host stadiums in 9 different locations and all of them are looking awesome, as for example we have completely new built stadiums or fully renovated.
Host cities for the UEFA Euro 2016 finals are: Paris (two stadiums), Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Nice, Toulouse, Lens and Saint-Etienne.

UEFA Euro 2016 Betting and Betting Odds

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