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Both teams to score is one of the most popular options in football betting. Below you can see all the Both teams to score football tips. This option gives you the opportunity to be even more thrilled during the game you follow. Whether you will pick “Both teams to score – Yes” or “Both teams to score – No”, you are involved in the game and you can easily taste from its spirit. We all know that football has been named as the “king of all sports” (in some countries football is known as “soccer”) and it attracts lot of interest across the globe. Indeed, all football lovers are even more tempted and influenced from football betting and chance of winning some extra cash while betting on games they plan to watch, or they simply don’t want to follow.

Thus “Both teams to score” became one of the most popular betting markets in sports betting and it’s simply related with the scoring abilities of both clubs involved in particular football event. You can place your “BTS” bet in different ways but the most known of them is the common “Both teams to score”, which is valid for the regular 90 minutes of one football match. In case you pick the “Both teams to score” option with “Yes” – this means that your stake was placed with plan that you expect both teams involved in the game to score at least one goal in the regular time. If you pick “No” – this means that both teams shouldn’t score in that game, and for example if any particular event ends with score like 1-1, 2-1, 5-1, 1-4, etc. – you’r bet is lost. Not if you pick “Both teams to score: Yes”.

More often bookmakers like to offer “Both teams to score” in 90 minutes, but that market is also available for other periods of the game – Both teams to score in the first half, Both teams to score in the second half, or Both teams to score in a specific period of the game – in a diapason of suggested time range, as for example from 0 to 15 min, from 30 to 45, etc.

Both teams to score is also one of the favorite betting markets followed by the professional betting tipsters of and that’s why we created unique section that provides our free betting tips with currently reviewed betting option. So, in case you’re interested in sports and more especially towards football betting, then “Both teams to score” is something which you absolutely recognize and may bring you some exceptional financial profits.

The advantages and disadvantages of BTTS tips

  • Offers good value for betting
  • If the market is settled early, you will receive an early payout.
  • The odds are often against you

You can feel confident in our tips because we always do the necessary research to ensure your bets are winners. And if your bet isn’t a winner, you can still win because many times our tips will be confirmed winners well before full-time, meaning no nervous wait or a boost of your ‘cash-out’ price if part of an accumulator.

One disadvantage of betting on Over/Under is that the odds on both teams to score are generally very low, possibly around 1.5 if you are picking a match with two top-heavy teams.

Expert Strategies for Predicting Both Teams To Score in a Match

Although BTTS can be a good option for online betting, it can also be tricky. We’ll explain why, and offer some tips that will help you get the most out of this option when playing.

While some people don’t like betting strategies, if you follow the right ones, you can increase your win rate. Here are a few things to keep an eye on:

Research the Teams

Before betting on the BTTS market, it is important to research the teams involved. You should check their previous results and goals scored/conceded in order to gain an understanding of how they will play against each other. Once you are ready, place your bet on Both Teams Scoring.

Consider the Teams Styles of Play

Football is a sport that has many different styles of play. Some teams are aggressive, while others prefer to score goals and do everything in their power not to allow a goal to be scored against them. If you are looking for the Both Teams to Score market today, unfortunately this option isn’t good as there aren’t any teams like this playing today.

Pay attention to Team News

When reading football tips, it’s a good idea to check the latest news regarding both teams. You may find out something about a player or team that could affect their performance, and this might help you predict the outcome of the match more accurately.

Look for Matches with a High Level of Importance

When choosing a Both Teams To Score or No tip, you can browse the games with high importance. Most of the time, these games may lead to open matches between two teams looking for goals.

Check the Teams Head-To-Head Record

Some teams score many goals and allow their opponents to score as well. But if you bet on BTTS (Both Teams to Score) when playing against a specific football club, this may not be true. Check each team’s performance before choosing the BTTS football market.

What Do Both Teams To Score Mean?

When betting on both teams to score, you are wagering on a ‘yes’ outcome–that both teams will find the back of the net at least once. Betting on BTTS–no means you are hoping that one or both teams fail to score a goal.

Since the BTTS market is available in almost every bookmaker, you can use it when betting on domestic league games or international competitions.

How to Build a Team That Scores Accumulator Points

To build a Both Teams to Score accumulator bet, you have to pick two teams to score in their respective games.

  1. First, check the BTTS predictions and choose one of the top-tier online bookmakers. Once you’ve done that, make your bet!
  2. Second, go to the sportsbook after signing up and logging in.
  3. Third, choose a football match and place your bets on the outcomes you want to see happen.
  4. After you have decided on the amount of your wager and placed it in your bet slip, you must indicate the number of options you wish to include on your ticket.

Both teams to score is an excellent option for an accumulator bet because it combines nicely with many other markets.

Both Teams To Score Odds

The odds in this market are better than most other options, but only if you bet on specific events.

Some football matches won’t offer high odds for this market because the two teams always score many goals against each other. However, if one of the teams is a heavy favourite, you may be able to find a good bet on BTTS. It all depends on which bookmaker you use.

Some people have discovered a different Both Teams to Score and Win bet for today, which combines two markets in one. What’s interesting about it is that it punts on both the classic BTTS and the Match Winner.

Identifying the Best Both Teams to Score Opportunities

To get the most out of your Both Teams to Score bets, you need to understand what factors make a match more or less likely to produce goals. Fortunately, we offer great Both Teams to Score tips and predictions, so keep these factors in mind while placing your bets.

  • To predict your bet slip when you’ve added the BTTS market, you should check the two teams’ current form. The more goals they’ve scored recently, the more likely it is that they’ll score at least one goal in this particular game.
  • If you check some of the Both Teams to Score betting tips, you will see that they often suggest using Cash Out. Not all online bookmakers will let you use this feature, so look into that first.
  • When betting on BTTS, you can find great odds; however, you should keep in mind that odds can change. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to them so you can see if there’s a good deal on the table. Remember that the odds could go lower if one of the teams scores first!
  • While this betting market is popular, bookmakers have other options. You should check the alternatives and evaluate the risk of each before deciding which is best for the current match.
  • When looking for football tips, you may want to take a look at the H2H record of both teams. Some clubs have trouble scoring against a particular opponent, so you may want to look for BTTS tips that focus on another market.

Which are the Best Football Leagues for BTTS?

The BTTS market can see some big fluctuations from year to year, but there are some leagues that consistently feature high up the table. The Singapore Premier League, The New Zealand National League, the Swiss Challenge League (second-tier) and the Norwegian Eliteserien are some good examples of these.

Here are some other leagues that feature a lot of BTTS:

Whether you choose to follow one of our Both Teams to Score tips or any other type of football betting advice, you will find matches from one of these leagues. Not only are they the best in the world but their teams also score many goals.

For example, Manchester City is a prolific goal scorer in England’s Premier League. In Germany, you have Bayern Munich, which averages more than two goals per game but also gives up a lot of goals against underdogs.

Although Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate La Liga, they often concede goals in their recent matches. This is also true of the best teams in Italy, most of which are known for their attacking playstyle. You can sometimes find good options for this betting market in UEFA Champions League games.

Always check a team’s history before making a bet. Even the best teams sometimes have bad days.

Friendly Tip: Alternative Football Betting Markets to Both Teams To Score

After checking the football BTTS tips, you may discover there are better markets for you. Not because plenty of alternatives offer good odds, but because some sites have better prices and promotions than others. Let’s go over some of the most popular options.

Banker of the Day

If you’re not a fan of riskier bets and want to maximize your chances of winning, check out the Banker of the Day. It includes low-risk markets.

Correct Score Tips

If you don’t see any attractive Both Teams to Score markets this weekend, take a look at the Correct Score tips. Even if you’re an expert, it’s hard to predict this market.

Football Draw Tips

If you decide that you only want to bet on soccer, the Football Draw tips will come in handy. Predicting a draw is not easy. But if you have access to the best tipsters, it is possible to increase your chances of winning.

Daily Double Tips

The Daily Double tips are designed to show you how to double your bets, by combining Two Teams to Score markets. Some punters prefer Both Teams to Score, but this can give you better odds, so it attracts more bettors.

Football Accumulator Tips

The Football Accumulator Tips will show you many options to create different Accas. Some of these include BTTS, but not always.

How to Place your BTTS Betting Tips?

For a guaranteed bet on your team to score, look no further than Betfred. They offer this market on many matches and also have the ‘Goals Galore’ feature which is ideal for punters who want to back both teams to score predictions.

Our recommended betting sites offer football bettors free bets and other promotions. If you use your free bet to place a BTTS wager on the Champions League, FA Cup or other tournaments, you can increase your chances of winning.

Whether you’re interested in Both Teams to Score in both halves tips or the classic predictions, you will find lots of options. However, most of them won’t be worth it because the person behind them doesn’t have the needed experience. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you avoid wasting your time and money on bad predictions!

  • It’s important to find a trustworthy source for the tips you want to use. Since you’ll be betting with your own money, it’s best to find someone you can rely on.
  • Before trusting a tipster, check their past record to see how accurate they are.
  • Research the teams yourself to see if the tipster gave you all of the information you need. If not, try another tipster.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Both Teams to Score as Your Final Score Prediction

Though it may be tempting to bet on Both Teams to Score no draw tips, you should consider all of your options. And remember: Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Here are some things to watch out for when betting on soccer.

  • The most important rule when betting online is to only bet what you can afford to lose.
  • It’s important to stay up-to-date with news about the teams you want to bet on.
  • Don’t rely entirely on the best tipsters in the world. Conduct your own research, and check the BTTS stats to ensure that their information is accurate.
  • When betting on a football match, it is important to consider the odds. In some cases, the both teams to score market is not worth it.


What Does BTTS Mean?

BTTS stands for both teams to score. Anytime you see this as a betting option, it means that you bet on the outcome of both teams scoring in the match.

How do I make a BTTS bet?

To make a BTTS tip, you must choose one of the many football events and add this market to your betslip. Once you have placed your bet, wait for the game to start and hope that both teams score at least one goal each during the match.

Can I place a bet on any football match?

You can place a bet on the BTTS market if it is offered by your chosen bookmaker.

Do Both Teams To Score Goals in the Extra time Counts?

No, like most football bets, both teams to score will be settled after the 90 minutes (plus injury time) is up. So you will need both teams’ goalscorers before any period of extra time.

When will your BTTS Tips be released?

BTTS tip features are not released at a specific time, but they will be posted regularly. We aim to release them at least several hours before the tipped match begins.