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In this section you can find free football tips by odd type Asian Handicaps.
Asian Handicap in sports betting is something which can be reviewed in numerous details, in huge length and for hours, but our Asian Handicap betting section is here to provide you some brilliant and secure betting advices.

Absolutely, is a professional website which offers free sports betting services, and thus we want to represent most beneficial and safety route to a potential winnings, but also to prevent our visitors from losing their money. And here comes the Asian Handicap moment – betting market which secures much more confidence and security in the bettors, especially to those who prefer to stick closely to the responsible gambling, or they keep some betting strategy. Well, Asian Handicap is a function which absolutely works in favor of the players, as they can avoid some from those terrible moments and awful feelings, when your bet has slipped in the last moment or as a result of something extraordinary. Typical example of that is – team A plays vs team B and you place serious take on “team A to win the game”, as odds are great in the same time. Well, guess what, team B levels the score in the closing minutes of the game and you live that negative experience of losing your stake in the last moment. There’s a counter method to avoid the possible money lose – in case that you have placed your bet on “team A to win the game”, but with “Asian Handicap 0” (equivalent of Draw No Bet, but with higher odds in most occasions). Well, if the mentioned scenario has happened, then your team wouldn’t won the game, but you would avoid the financial losses here, and last but not least – lot of nerves. Of course, you may feel disappointment from the lost opportunities to achieving bigger win (normally, odds with AH on your side are lower compared to the clear win), but still, as we mentioned Asian Handicap is something which we mostly recommend for players who may feel bad from possible money lose. Asian Handicap is definitely on their side and it will help them to keep their balance one idea better, as it can come right on time.

There are various types of Asian Handicaps – on final outcome, bookings, goals, and more… We will give you few short examples for the most popular of them. Be sure that you can find lots of reliable betting previews with detailed explanation of each one, into our football betting section and its independent “Asian Handicap” section.

Asian Handicap Betting for final outcome

That’s actually the same bet as the already observed “team A vs team B” example, but still there are some different examples that can be made. Except the usual Asian Handicap 0 (Draw No Bet), there are different possibilities for placing your bet on a potential winner and that’s related with the European Handicap, but in a much better and secured route, at the expense of part of the value.

Asian Handicap -0.5 in some occasions it’s better if you can have a look at the proposed odds on Asian Handicap -0.5 for the team you want to bet on, since they’re sometimes higher than the regular “1X2” betting. Indeed, you can receive better value just for betting on your favorite with the Asian Handicap bet on their side, instead of the traditional way of “1X2” betting. But there is more to come.

Asian Handicap -0.25

That’s a fusion between both previously explained Asian Handicaps and it’s an excellent alternative for those who wonder about the final decision – should I place my bet on a straight win and higher odds, or should I stick to the strategy and pick my side with lower value, but with higher confidence after expelling the draw as a possible outcome, respectively potential money loss. So, here is a simple explanation of the “AH -0.25” – in the middle between Asian Handicap 0 and Asian Handicap -0.5.

We’ll take the names of two famous clubs from Spanish La Liga – let us imagine that we have another edition of “El Clasico” on the horizon and Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet at “Camp Nou”. It’s possible Barca to be considered for favorites, but you are in dilemma – should I place on Barcelona, or I must look for more safety here? Well, you can make your bet in middle and the Asian Handicap -0.25 is the odd which is something between the proposed values for Asian Handicap 0 and straight victory. You place a bet for Barcelona, but with Asian Handicap -0.25, and the game ends with a victory for Real Madrid – you’ll lose your entire stake, without any matter from your bet, but if the game ends with a draw – then you’ll have half of the stake back, while the rest will be lost. Respectively, if Barcelona wins – you will be delighted from the bet won, as well as from fact that you will win more compared to the possibility to bet with either Draw No Bet or Asian Handicap 0.

Asian Handicap -0.75

This is another famous Asian Handicap betting option which bookmakers like to offer and you may wonder what’s that in details? Well, this is another “combination” of two other Asian Handicaps and in this case it includes “Asian Handicap -0.5” and “Asian Handicap -1”. Everything looks more understandable when there is a proper tooltip and this involves a bet on your team to win the game, without matter from the winning margin, and a potential bet for “Asian Handicap -1” – your team to win the game with more from a goal margin. Later on we’ll explain you about the difference between the Asian Handicap and the European Handicap. Here, writing about the Asian Handicap -0.75, we’ll explain you what are the potential winning opportunities for such type of bet.

Imagine that we have a FA Cup game between Manchester United and United of Manchester, team from lower tiers of English football, which will undoubtedly be considered for huge underdog, without matter which venue will stage the clash. You plan to place a bet on Manchester United to win and it goes into your betting slip with the Asian Handicap -0.75 for Manchester United. Well, the game ends with a narrow victory for them (only one goal margin – 1:0), thereafter you will be credited with a win for only half of your stake. That’s because half of your stake goes for Asian Handicap -0.5 (the winning bet in this occasion) whilst rest of your stake goes for Asian Handicap -1 (bet is void). Thus you will have all your money back, but with winnings estimated only on its half. Logically, if the game ends with a draw you will lose all of your money, but if Manchester United wins with 2+ goals, then you will receive the ultimate win.
Asian Handicap -1 Most sports bettors normally know what actually does the handicap means and the famous option is used in most situations when you expect your favorite to win the game with more than one goal. So basically that’s known as “European Handicap” and in case that it’s “-1”, this means your team must win with two or more goals margin, if you want your bet to become winning bet though. For example: Juventus plays against Sampdoria and you think that Juventus will win the game with more than one goal. Except your desire to place a bet on “The Old Lady”, your decision to take that risk comes from fact that you’re looking for bigger odds and European Handicap -1 means that if your expectations are correct, you will win bigger stake compared to possibility if you place a bet on a clear win. But if Juventus wins with just one goal margin, then you will lose your money. So here comes the Asian Handicap -1 and the reason why we recommend it more often than the ordinary Handicap. Indeed, Asian Handicap -1 means that your side must win with more than a goal, but at the same time if your selection wins the game with only one goal, you will have your money back, instead of losing them. That’s the advantage of betting with Asian Handicap -1 (-2, -3, etc.), but of course, there’s a difference in the values. However, we recommend responsible betting and safety in a first place, so that’s why Asian Handicap looks a decent option for all sports betting lovers who are certain to choose safety over huge risks. But that’s gambling – some people do follow betting strategies, others are betting for fun, third aren’t interesting in any of those.
Equivalent of the above mentioned “European Handicap -1” is the “Asian Handicap -1.5”, which added in your betting slip means that your side must win the game with 2 or more goals. Similarly is the situation with “Asian Handicap -2.5”, “Asian Handicap -3.5”, etc. – they’re the same as respectively “European Handicap -2”, “European Handicap -3” and so…

Asian Handicap Betting on goals

Asian Handicap betting on goals is another wonderful option which raises its popularity among the sports betting clients, not only in football. Nonetheless, we’re here to give you an example in our football tips section and we’ll take two random teams from German Bundesliga – league which is known with its high scoring games and attacking mentality. A good reason why the bookies are commonly providing lower odds for the standard “Over 2.5 Goals”. Here comes the Asian Handicap betting on goals.

We will pick teams of Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich and this allows us to make the example even brighter and more understandable. Expectations are for another game with plenty of goals in and respectively the regular and most popular odds for “Over 2.5 Goals” are too low. On other turn odds on “Under 2.5 Goals” are higher and this pretty much explains that bookmakers also expect match with some goals. That’s a good moment to consider betting on another match, but maybe you’re tempted from opportunity to place a bet on this game and thus you want to follow your favorite club, or maybe league. Since the odds for “Over 2.5” are too low, you may be attracted from higher odds on “Over 3.5 Goals”, but what happens if the final whistle is blown and there are only three goals scored? Well, answer here is simple – you lose the bet and respectively your money. So once again, Asian Handicap comes as great solution for those who are keen to place a bet on such a game, but they also don’t like to lose money (who does actually?).

If your bet is placed on “Over 3 Goals” (that’s Asian Handicap betting again) – your stake will be refunded if there are exactly three goals scored, while if there are 4+ – you win, respectively if there are between zero and two goals – you will lose again, but you would still lose if your bet was placed for “Over 2.5” or “Over 3.5”. Absolutely same thing here is valid for “Under” betting and for all other numbers available – “Over/Under 2 Goals”, “Over/Under 4 Goals”, or even for “Over/Under 1 Goal”. Of course, you can place a bet not only for the whole game, but on a specific half or time period during the game.

We fully recommend the Asian Handicap betting and that’s a great way of finding the adequate medium between estimated bigger win and safety in the same time.

Asian Handicap Betting on bookings

Another advantage of the Asian Handicap betting can be observed in the “card betting”, “corners betting”, and all different markets. As an example of our explanation here we will take two randomly picked teams – let us say Porto and Chelsea. Your expectations are that their encounter will be marked by some bookings and your desire is to place your bet on that. In this occasion you may have few different options on your sight. Maybe a suggestion for “Over 4.5 Cards” in the game, combined with another one – for “Over 5 Cards” in the game. Thus you can choose – to make a bet on “Over 4.5 Cards”, which simply means that the game must have 5 or more bookings, and that’s your chance to record winning bet here. However, there is another option for all people who are interested in potentially bigger incomes – “Over 5 Cards with Asian Handicap”. Apparently you must expect 6 or more bookings in that game, but if there are 5 bookings you won’t lose – you’ll have the placed stake back into your balance.
Same thing is for corners – you may pick “Over 12 Corners” in relevant football match and if there are exactly 12 corners in the game – you don’t lose. Money will be credited back into your bank balance, while obviously if there are 13 or more corners, you win.