Handling Match Postponements in Betway

Betway Match Postponement

If you place a bet on a match that is postponed, we’ll pay out your winnings on another event. If you have more than one bet on a slip, each bet remains valid for 24 hours. If there is only one bet on your slip and it is not played within 24 hours, the bet will be void.

Understanding Betway’s Policies

Before diving into strategies, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with Betway’s stance on match postponements. Betway has clear rules and conditions regarding bet settlements when matches are postponed. Knowing these policies will help you understand the potential outcomes and make informed decisions.

What Happens In Case Of An Abandoned Game?

It’s helpful to learn that abandoned games aren’t the same as postponed matches. Abandoned games are those that have been called off before the match ends, whereas postponed matches are those that will be played at a later date after being delayed for some reason.

If a fixture is abandoned and not resumed within 24 hours, all bets on this event will be voided.

When a match is postponed, your stake isn’t returned. However, you can still win from the other games in your bet slip.

Multi-Bet And Put-Off Game On Betway

Sometimes your multi-bet may be postponed if other games are already live.

Once you’ve placed a bet, you can’t cancel it or change your bet slip.

If the match in your multi-bet is postponed, all bets remain valid. The affected game will be voided, but all other games will remain on your bet slip.

The other games pay if you get a favourable outcome. It seems fair, but does it apply when using Build a Bet?

Betway Build A Bet And PostPoned Match

The Build a Bet feature differs from the regular multi-bet in that you can’t place combined events in the former. The Build a Bet feature comes as a single bet.

If a game is postponed, all bets on the match will be voided. This affects all other bets in the Build a Bet feature in the same way.

If you win a bet through one of the other valid events on your Build a Bet slip, but lose on another event, you won’t get back your stake.

How Do You Know If Your Bet Has Been Voided?

If a bet is voided, you’ll get your stake back. There is no gain or loss of money with voided bets. In Betway, games can be voided for various reasons such as abandonment, cancellation or postponement.

Betway will notify you if your bet is voided, or you can check your bet history to see which bets have been voided.

Go to your Betway account. Click on “My Bets” and open your bet history. You’ll see if any bets have been void and if your stake has been returned to your wallet.

What Happens In Case Of Active Betway Bonus?

If a game is cancelled or postponed, you will not be able to use your active bonus on the event. If this happens, your winnings will not be affected by the cancellation or postponement of the event.

  • The good news is that you can still get a full or partial refund on your wager if one of the events in your bet slip is voided. However, if the number of games in your bet slip drops below six because of a voided event, you forfeit the bonus as well.
  • If you play with a win boost on Betway, you can still receive the extra amount if one event is postponed. The catch is that the remaining events on your bet slip must match the minimum accepted odds and bets.
  • Betway offers a free bet for new customers. However, you can only use it to make single bets. If the event is postponed and voided, you’ll get your free bet stake back.
  • First Deposit BonusBetway offers new users a free bet as their first deposit bonus. To be eligible for this promotion, you must place your first bet on any sports market and make a deposit of at least €10. Your free bet will be credited to your account within 24 hours of making your first deposit. If a game is postponed or cancelled, you’ll be eligible for a refund of your original stake if the match is declared void.

Customer Support and FAQs

In case you have any specific queries or concerns regarding match postponements and their impact on your bets, reach out to Betway’s customer support. They can provide guidance and address any questions you may have.

Will I lose my first deposit bonus if a game is rescheduled?

Your free bet bonus is refundable and can be used for other events if it is still valid.

When is a postponed game considered void?

Betway waits 24 hours before declaring the game void.

Does a postponed game affect my multi-bet?

Yes, if a sporting event is postponed and voided, its odds are recalculated to reflect the new date.

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