Copa America 2015

By Bettingtips365Last Update: 10 July 2023

Copa America 2015 will be over the spotlights in the summer of 2015, when few of the boring weeks will be covered by the largest football event in South America, which usually is filled by few nations who are not under the management of CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation), and this year as usual we will have two guests from CONCACAF – Mexico and Jamaica. King football promises another emotional competition with international taste, as the 44th edition of the Copa América event will be hosted by Chile and it starts only few days after the UEFA Champions League final, who’ll take place on 6th of June, while Copa America 2015 starts on 11th of June and it will continues until 4th of July 2015, for when the final game is scheduled. The final of the 44th Copa America event will be hosted by “Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos” in the capital and largest city of Chile – Santiago, where the opening game between Chile and Ecuador will take place as well.
For the Copa America’s fixtures and schedule you can read more in our related article about them, as here we want to present you a brief introduction before the beginning of the oldest international continental football competition – Copa America.

Copa America History

The tournament was established for the first time back in 1916 (99 years ago), when it was known like “South American Championship” like it was named until 1975, when the Copa America era started, and we’re getting really close to the one century anniversary special tournament, who will take placed next year, and the Copa America 2015 in Chile is a great warm-up for the upcoming “Copa América Centenario”, known also as “Centennial Copa America”, which will be hosted by the United States of America in the summer of 2016, along with the European Championship in France. Copa América Centenario will be in the period 3 June – 26 June, which will mark one great summer for the football lovers from all over the world, since they will have the opportunity to watch the highest level of football not only in Europe, but in South & North America as well, which will open a great opportunity for the football fans to make their comparisons about the football in the different continents, which they can follow calmly, since the time zones are quite different, which will allow to every interested fan to watch both events if he’s interested in them, of course. The next year’s event surely sounds promising and the competition was created because of the celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL, which will be the first Copa América that will be hosted outside of South America, and it will feature 16 teams – all 10 teams from CONMEBOL + 6 teams from CONCACAF, as 4 from them are already determined – USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, while the other two will be decided after the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which will take place in the period between 7th and 26th of July this summer, and it will be hosted by Canada and USA.

Hot summer football with Copa America 2015

We believe that this introduction was helpful for underlining the ambitions of CONMEBOL and CONCACAF to boost the international reputation of their competitions, who for some reason are remaining behind the shade of the FIFA World Cup and the European Championship, but with some of the most successful teams in it, Copa America should not be underestimated at all, and we’re sure that the tournament in Chile will be one great preparation for the upcoming football season 2015-2016, and mainly for the upcoming great football events in the summer of 2016. All the expectations for the upcoming Copa America are even higher because the break between the last two editions of the tournament was four years, which started to be the usual pause between the tournaments after the edition in 2007, when the Copa America period was from 3 years, and before that it was on every two years – until 2001. Now Copa America is set to continue the traditions of the South American football and each national team will use his strongest rosters, which will add extra spectacularity to the tournaments, which trophy was lifted by some of the biggest names in football like of Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Gabriel Batistuta and many, many more, but it’s interesting to mention that even names like Pele and Diego Maradona failed to lift the trophy.
Copa America is won most times by the current title holders Uruguay, for which it seems that they have a special charisma in all major international competitions in which they took part, since all of you probably know that Uruguay is the first World Cup champion (1930), but “Los Charrúas” are also the most successful club in Copa America, first ever champion and reigning champion from 2011. Of course, you can read more about Uruguay in our review of each nation, which will take part in Copa America 2015.