€100 Refunded on your first bet!

€100 Refunded on your first bet!

BetFIRST opens special promotion for all customers who are interested in sports betting and it comes as a celebration for the official beginning of UEFA Euro 2016! Bet without any risks in three easy steps!

1) Open your account at betFIRST
2) Make your deposit and place your first bet!
3) Bet RISK FREE – up to €100 cashback!

In case that your bet isn’t winning, betFIRST will take care to refund the money as the offer is valid for bets up to €100! Simply – your first finalized bet which is placed via computer or mobile device will be reimbursed.
You can claim the cashback withing 7 days after losing your bet, after sending an email to: [email protected]
Don’t forget to use “Lucky bet” for subject line.

Here is one concrete example for a situation you can benefit from:

– Place a €100 bet that Belgium will win against Italy on odds estimated on 2.50 and if you win – your bet is valid and your bank rises to €250! If you lose – betFIRST will take care to settle the situation as they’ll refund your €100 stake!
So, thus your first bet can be higher as much as you want and you don’t have nothing to lose, indeed! If your first bet is from €50, then you can claim €50 refund, so that’s a good reason to set higher amount of your first bet, once again – without any risks.

You can find more information about that betting offer on the yellow link below.