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Football INDEX is an innovating brand, characterising itself as the “World’s first football stock market”, that found a unique and interesting way to combine trading with football. The brand is owned by BetIndex Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission as well as the UK Gambling commission to insure maximum security. BetIndex is a Jersey gambling operator founded in 2015 and offering revolutionary services that challenge conventional sportsbooks.

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Football INDEX offers traders the possibility to buy and sale shares of footballers. Here is how it works: you initially make an account and start building your portfolio. Then, depending on who you think will play well and gain value, you can buy player “futures”. Futures are basically a bet on what the player’s value will be in the future, and users can buy multiple “futures” of their favourite player. As more people buy the player and the player performs well, his price will go up. You can sell your shares for real-money and profit when the price rises. A quick sell option lets you sell your player straight away.
Whereas sports betting gives you the thrill of the moment and ends when the match does, Football Index users have the possibility to commit long term to their best player and need to constantly be on the watch for market tendencies. Player prices are determined by a UK media monitor who ranks players based on current trends. An exciting feature is users can win multiple times based on their bets. That is, when a player holds the number one position in the chart, Football Index will pay each user who has bought one or more of its shares a fixed dividend, for each share. With over 200 players to choose from, Football Index adds new players based on who the users vote for and relegates other players who no longer make the cut.


While their site is relatively new and doesn’t offer a preview of all services, further research has revealed that Football INDEX works just like an online betting site, with the market value calculated according to how many traders sell their shares, recent news surrounding players and events, individual performance during the game and outside. Traders can make money anytime so it’s important to keep looking at your portfolio to be aware of any significant changes.
The trading platform is very appealing in nature due to its use of white and blue tones, and is easily navigable, as traders see player ranking and recent news on the main page and can filter results by player position on the field. All tabs are easily accessible and the page is customized to the trader, featuring his information on top.
Right now, Football INDEX offers an exciting promotion which is guaranteed to grab the attention of any football fan. For a limited time of 7 days, new traders have the option of trying the Football Index platform FOR FREE. You can trade risk free for 7 days in order to familiarize yourself with the process and, in the event you do not enjoy their service, you can request a full refund of all your invested money! Terms and conditions are all written on the main page of their site.
Overall, Football Index has a promising future, as allows all football lovers to invest their money long term and actively follow the market. Prices are based demand and are influenced by the users. This innovative approach to trading and sports is a great way to turn football knowledge into profit.

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